Saturday, August 16, 2014

Drought and prices...

Folks on boats tend to take a lot of things for granted where provisions and provisioning are concerned... I know I do.

Here in the Caribbean things tend to be pricey but the current climate change induced droughts are going to play hell with prices in the coming year.

For instance, the current drought in Spain is seriously going to impact the price of olives and olive oil especially by the time those products wind up in the Caribbean. What's even worse is that some products set their price as a percentage of other products so when olive oil goes up in price so does corn and peanut oil.

Sadly, the standard advice to eat local doesn't help all that much as very little in the way of food is actually local to the Caribbean and what there is tends to be geared for the uber-high markup of the tourist industry.

Might be a good time to start stocking up on some staples, looking at alternative products, and taking a longer view on provisioning habits...