Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why not crumpets?

Living on a boat and liking bread is sometimes just a little problematic. Ovens on boats tend to be small and seldom big enough to make two  decent sized loafs so you wind up using fuel and heating up the cabin and when all is said and done on Thursday you still don't have bread to make a sandwich with...

Which is why I tend to favor breads like Pita as they are much easier to make in an ongoing basis and are quick so don't use a lot of fuel or heat up the cabin while doing it.

So why not Crumpets? Not any harder to make then pancakes, able to be sliced for a sandwich and for breakfast they simply rock!

Which is why you should boogie on over to Bakers Banter who has the definitive "How to" on making crumpets!

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