Monday, March 26, 2012

A possible vegan burger in paradise...

Something of a must read from where I sit...

Vegan Burgers that Don't Suck!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Did someone say pizza?

Serious Eats has everything you need to know about making great pizza on your stove top... Check it out!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What stuff costs...

Most of the eateries here cater to tourists (and those who don't still price like they do) but I find it amazing how many cruisers seem to think nothing about $4 beers...

As for me, the idea of a $4 beer is simply nuts (and by the way we're not talking some exotic micro brewery awesomeness we're talking Coors/Heineken/Presidente/Caribe) but it makes you wonder about what folks are willing to pay for stuff.

Of course, places that sell $4 bottles of beer don't put food on the table for the frugal cruiser either. Pretty soon those $15 hamburgers start to really deplete the cruising funds...

That said, when a six pack of just drinkable beer from the local store goes for $7.99 it's (if beer happens to be something you think important) time to point the boat to less expensive places, cut way back on the beer consumption, or get up close and personal with home brewing!

Anyone actually brewing beer on their boats out there?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On being frugal...

I'm a sucker for articles about how to save money on the food front, they always suck me in and most of the time I feel suckered when the article does not provide the answers I was looking for.

Of course, part of this is because most of those writing about saving money are not actually on budgets and it usually winds up being a short list of things to cut out or use cheaper ingredients... DUH! My favorite, a couple of years back, included the advice to economize by trying a California Champagne instead of French...

Over at Boing Boing today they actually had a pretty good one and you should give it a read. Where it does not work for boat folk is gardening is not really an option but otherwise it makes a whole lot of sense.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Has the world gone crazy?

I went shopping a couple of days ago and noticed that Spam was more expensive than chicken and it got me curious!

As it happens, Spam was also more expensive than pork chops, beef roast, and most cuts of steak... Fact is, Spam was nearly the most expensive meat in the store... I also noticed that the other cheap meat in a can, corned beef, was also priced higher than stuff from the butcher counter.

Does this make any kind of sense at all?

Not that I'm knocking the whole Spam thing and in fact you can get quite creative with the stuff but still, Spam and corned beef have always been the cheap seats in the protein world so when did these become expensive?