Friday, March 2, 2012

Has the world gone crazy?

I went shopping a couple of days ago and noticed that Spam was more expensive than chicken and it got me curious!

As it happens, Spam was also more expensive than pork chops, beef roast, and most cuts of steak... Fact is, Spam was nearly the most expensive meat in the store... I also noticed that the other cheap meat in a can, corned beef, was also priced higher than stuff from the butcher counter.

Does this make any kind of sense at all?

Not that I'm knocking the whole Spam thing and in fact you can get quite creative with the stuff but still, Spam and corned beef have always been the cheap seats in the protein world so when did these become expensive?

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Steve and Lulu said...

Don't know when or why Spam and canned corned beef got expensive but I do know that you can't throw a ham or a brisket or a roast in your locker and expect them to be edible a year from now. I wish they'd figure out how to can Nathan's hot dogs.

Since I've started buying things like Spam, I've also become aware of the price and thought it seemed pretty high. But is this a new phenomenon or has it always been high and we just didn't notice since we weren't buying it? I was also shocked, SHOCKED I say, when I discovered how much a jar of Armour (I think) dried beef cost. You know, the stuff you use in classic "sh*t on a shingle". I loved that gravy as a kid and it's hard to believe my Mom paid those premium prices for a jar of convenience meat.