Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catching rays... Solar ovens

The idea of being able to harness the ample sunshine we have in the tropics and use it for cooking has always made all sorts of sense. Though sadly most of the various solar cooking solutions have been somewhat not quite boat friendly so it is one of those must haves that has crept to the back of the ever present list...

"The Adventures of Sailing Vessel Macha" recently added a solar cooker to their galley arsenal and it got me thinking. More than a good time to dust off my solar cooking links and see what was about these days.

The best place to begin on any solar cooking quest is the Solar Cooking Archive which is a solar cooking hub and if its not there ...well it is not anywhere! You'll find everything from recipes to cookers (and plans for cookers) as well as a country by country supplier linkage... Very cool!

One of the new additions that has BOAT written all over it is the Molly Baker Solar Oven which really does seem to cancel out all of my various issues with the various solar cooking hardware that is out there.

The buzz is that the cookbook that just about everyone really likes is "Solar Cooking for Home and Camp" and as long as I'm getting that what better time to get "The Solar Food Dryer" as the idea of making Tuna and Mahi Mahi Jerky makes all kind of sense on a boat of a limited size...

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L said...

I was wondering how the Molly Baker solar oven is working out for you. Do you use it much? What do you cook with it?