Thursday, February 24, 2011

A knife of choice and dealing with an epidemic...

On "So It Goes" I have a LOT of knives...

Off hand, I believe they sneak on to the boat and into the galley when I'm off doing other things as I simply did not buy them. Apparently knives must have legs!

The fact is, the knife that I use for 90% of my cooking needs is a cheap stainless light cleaver that was part of an all-the-knives-you-need-for-$19.99 sort of set.

I really like this knife as it holds an edge, does not rust and does all you want a knife to do (you know slice,dice and chop) really well.
On the other hand, I could use one of those awesome $600+ knives that hold an edge, slice, dice, and chop while putting up with a little rust as being part of the equation of having a $600 knife... But hey, since I only want to slice, dice, chop and feel no need to impress people with the fact that I can afford a $600 knife my cheapie cleaver is just the thing! Truth is, if I were to lose my cleaver I'd replace it with something like this.

For the other 10% of my knife usage the task gets shared by maybe four knives (more about those in another post) and it raises the question of why, if I only use five knives, do I have like two dozen?

Right now since I'm in the middle of a galley refurb, I have to make a decision whether to build in storage for the overpopulation of knives or jettison said knives and gain some space in the process...


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