Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perfect for a cruising boat...

One of the things I've learned to be afraid of are cook books aimed at boat-folk which always seem to be of the open-three-cans-and-mix-together school of cooking or books that seem to think you have a commercial kitchen (with a staff), three ovens and a supermarket just down the road...

The things that would make a good cookbook for boat folks are simplicity, not overlong cooking times and (dare I say it) dishes that taste really good. Not exactly rocket science but you'd be surprised at just how many boat cookbook recipes have super complicated and hard to find mile long ingredient lists, too long (let simmer for two hours) cooking times and in the end of the process taste like something you could have put together with three cans  and a dry mix sauce!

Of course, there are no shortage of great cookbooks out there just very few that are geared for cooking on boats! For example one of our favorite blogs Stone Soup just released a new cookbook "Stone Soup Minimalist Home Cooking" and it is everything that one could want in a sailing cookbook. Simple recipes with minimal ingredients, reasonable cooking times and the sort of taste that has people asking for seconds and thirds... The perfect boat cookbook if you will except that they never mention boats!

What is even better is that the cookbook is available in e-book (PDF) form and to make it even better still is... FREE! Now does that rock or what?

Do I have to say more? Go get it!

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