Saturday, October 10, 2009

Now I suppose we have to add a reefer to needful equipment....

The galley on "So It Goes" is, for want of a better word, spartan. It's a galley that any French Chef would feel comfortable in but provides very little in the way of  "hip" or "faddish" items that seem to take up so much room and never actually get used variety...

For instance, one thing we do not have is a freezer (reefer in nautical speak) and while the idea of a reefer has been on the "might get around to thinking about one of these days" list, it has pretty much stayed in the background as no real compelling reason existed... Well until now!

Friends of mine know that if there is one area of kitsch appeal that always gets my attention, it is things of a TIKI nature.

Seriously, how can you live without an ice cube tray that makes Tiki ice cubes?

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Daniel said...

You know, I'm the same way in my home kitchen--it's quite spartan here. Most everything we own we use, and with the exception of a few too many "Hawaii" coffee mugs, there's nothing in our home that really approaches kitsch.

But these ice cube trays are the absolute coolest thing I have EVER seen. Awesome!

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