Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beer in Paradise...

Sailing and living in a tropical paradise has it's downside on a few fronts and one of them is BEER! If you are someone who from time to time likes a good beer... Sure we have all the light beers of the Coors/Bud/Caribe/Presidente/Heineken/Red Stripe sort but other than stouts (Guinness/Mackeson) there is not much for people who like beer with a bit more body.

On some of the French Islands you'll find the odd bottle of Belgian beer and a less than adequate selection of French beers of the artisanal sort and when they do arrive they zip off the shelves Hey Presto!

So next time you are saying what a lucky guy down there sailing around all those pristine beaches keep in mind that the words "Micro Brewery" are an unknown language down here and wonderful beers like Moose Drool are only available in dreams....

Come visit... Bring a couple of six packs!

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